Why Invest in Brickell Real Estate?


Brickell is home to the Financial District in Miami, boasting the most international banks than any other city in the United States. Given Brickell’s relation to South America with the Port of Miami, many Wallstreet Firms have moved their offices to Brickell to expand their markets into South America. As a result, the international investment in Brickell has boomed in the last ten years.

Brickell’s population increased 44% between 2000-2010 according to the US Census, with an average income 38% higher than citywide Miami. This has increased the property values as well as the cost in rent. In addition, most of the the professionals working in Brickell are 20-44. This has led to creating a high-end nightlife in Brickell. Brickell’s nightlife has become exclusive in Miami with hotspots like Segafredo and Blue Martini.

Most of Brickell’s residents, particularly in the Financial District, have lived in New York or abroad; thus, many prefer the pedestrian lifestyle with everything they need closeby. These young professionals prefer to use public transportation, which Brickell offers with Downtown Miami’s metromover or the trolleys, both of which are free services.

In short, you’ll have incredible access to all the major areas of Miami-DadeCounty, in addition to the growing selection of recreational and leisure venues located in Brickell itself (especially along the main entertainment thoroughfare of Miami Avenue).

The opportune 1010 Brickell Location reflects the condo’s groundbreaking dedication to providing the best in modern urban living. You’ll find several high-end retail areas within the building, in addition to the many more that located all around all around it. A few Metrorail and Metromover stations are right across the street, in addition to several parks, markets, restaurants and more.

Needless to say, Brickell offers tremendous opportunity for fine living, especially to young and career-oriented professionals. Nowhere will you get the best of this vibrant community than the pioneering 1010 Brickell. To learn more about the 1010 Brickell Floorplans available, call the leading expert on this exclusive condo, Sonya Olsen, at 646-785-1027.